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Course Description

We have designed this course to everybody’s real life work situations. This course will start with general understandings of Excel 2010 and finish with the depth knowledge of each formulas which used in our daily life.

You will get all excel files used to create this course in which we have explained the syntax of formulasalso include real life problems. We have also included advance use of each formula such as Vlookup formula used if iferror formula.

Advance use of Tables, Macros, Pivot Tables, Filtering etc.

You will get VBA code and method for converting numbers in to words in Excel 2010. This formula is not included in excel formulas but we explained all the procedures to do this task.

you will get more than your expectation that we can bet.

What are the requirements?

  • You need basic level of understanding of computers. That’s all you need to know before start our course

What am I going to get from this course?

  • You will be able to do complex calculations / Formats / Data Analysis including all things which you are not able right now. This course start from basic level but at the end you will be expert in the Excel

What is the target audience?

  • Whether you are fresher or working person and want to improve your skills in the excel to develop yourself. This course is for you. We included real time situation and calculation problems in the examples for easy learning

Course Curriculum

Introduction of Excel 2016
Excel file types 00:04:00
Selection and Move of Data 00:00:00
User Interface of Excel 2016 00:00:00
Alignment 00:00:00
Cut copy and paste 00:00:00
Formatting in excel 2016 00:00:00
Form Design in Excel
Form Design in Excel 2016 Basic Level 00:00:00
Form Design in Excel 2016 Advance Level 00:00:00
Essential Things to Learn about Excel
Data Types in Excel 00:00:00
Special Character in excel 00:00:00
Autofil List in Excel 00:00:00
Mini Tool Bar 00:00:00
Table Format Cell Style 00:00:00
Insert Delete Row and Column in Excel 00:00:00
Format Cell Hide Unhide Row and Column 00:00:00
Move Worksheet in Excel 00:00:00
Find Search option in Excel 00:00:00
Find and Replace in Excel 00:00:00
View Tab Freeze Unfreeze Split and Arrange Excel 00:00:00
Page Setup Print in Excel 00:00:00
Introduction of Formulas and Function
Introduction of Formula and Functions in Excel 00:00:00
Cell References in Excel 00:00:00
Inbuilt Functions Sum 00:00:00
Error Handling in Functions 00:00:00
Circular References 00:00:00
Goal Seek in Excel 00:00:00
Value Paste in Excel 00:00:00
Naming Concept in Excel
Concept of Name in Excel 00:00:00
Name Manager in Excel 00:00:00
Use Name in Formula 00:00:00
Retrieve Value from other worksheet using name 00:00:00
Scope of Name 00:00:00
Concept of Inter Section in Excel Advance Level 00:00:00

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