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Lecture : 48 HD Videos
Duration : 4 Hours
Language : Plain English (Easy to understand)
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If you want to Learn and become SAP Fico Consultant

then you are on the right place because we have designed this course from Scratch. Even if you do not know anything about SAP, you have just heard something about SAP and now you are curious to learn SAP FICO Complete Implementation Guide.

In this course you will be understand

  • What is the use of SAP ERP System?
  • What is the role of FICO Consultant in SAP?
  • What are career prospects for a SAP Fico Consultant?
  • How to implement FICO Module in SAP

Just search the list of Companies implemented SAP, You will be surprise that Top 500 fortune companies have SAP ERP System. SAP System can manage all types of Business Transactions which is required to control and manage the business of any type such as Human Resource, Sales & Distribution, Material Management & many more…  SAP follow the standard practices for different industries such as manufacturing, automobile, construction, shipping line, FMCG, Telecommunication etc.

The role of FICO Consultant is very important because all transaction will be merge in the Financial Statements. He will be responsible to create

  • Organizational structure,
  • financial statements,
  • FICO integration with other SAP modules

He will also responsible to implement FICO and give training to the end user.

As I have already explained that SAP is implemented in 500 top big companies all over the world and the importance of FICO Consultant and the Career opportunities is very good for FICO Consultant.

Our Course will be start from the beginning, absolute basic under standing about the SAP Business Process and once you will complete the course, you will be able to implement FICO in the SAP.

I will also give you interview question and answer tips to get better job.

What are the requirements?

  • You need Computer
  • SAP Ideas Installed in It for Practice
  • That’s all you need

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Define Organization Structure e.g. Company Code, Business Area, Segment, Fiscal Year, Posting Period, Chart of Accounts
  • Define General Ledger
  • Define Accounts Payable
  • Define Accounts Receivable
  • Define House Bank, Automatic Payment Program, Manual Bank Statement, Electronic Bank Statement
  • Define Asset Account
  • Define Controlling Area

What is the target audience?

  • People who wants to pursue their career in FICO Consultant

Course Curriculum

Introduction of Course
Introduction of SAP FREE 00:00:00
Meaning of SAP R/3 00:04:31
Basic Setting in SAP
User Interface of SAP FREE 00:04:40
Organization Structure – Part 1 00:08:55
Organization Structure – Part 2 00:02:55
Edit Company Information 00:04:00
Assign a Company to the Parent Company 00:02:26
Create Business Area 00:03:46
Create Segments 00:02:50
Create Chart of Accounts 00:05:09
Assign Chart of Accounts to the Company 00:01:35
Credit Control Area 00:03:56
Create Fiscal Year Variant 00:04:44
Assign Fiscal Year Variant to the Company 00:01:48
Create Posting Period Variant 00:03:13
How to Open and Close Period FREE 00:02:29
Field Status Variant 00:04:10
Assign Field Status Group to the Company 00:02:18
Create General Ledgers in SAP
Document Types 00:00:00
Posting Keys 00:00:00
Account Group 00:00:00
Retained Earnings 00:00:00
Create General Ledgers 00:00:00
House Bank
Define House Bank 00:00:00
Automatic Payment Program – Part I 00:07:00
Automatic Payment Program – Part II 00:06:00
Automatic Payment Program – Part III 00:04:00
Bank Statement Manual – Part I 00:05:00
Bank Statement Manual – Part II 00:11:00
Bank Statement Automatic 00:06:00
Accounts Payable (AP)
Introduction of Accounts Payable in SAP 00:00:00
Define Vendor Group 00:03:00
Define Number Range 00:00:00
Assign Number Range to Vendor Group 00:00:00
Sundry Creditors 00:04:00
Tolerance Group 00:04:00
Define Payment Terms 00:09:00
Define Vendor Master 00:10:00
Accounts Receivable
Introduction of Accounts Receivable 00:02:00
Steps to Configure Accounts Receivable 00:02:00
Define Customer Account Group 00:08:00
Define Customer Account Range 00:03:00
Assign Customer Number Range 00:03:00
Create Sundry Debtor Account 00:04:00
Define Tolerance Group for Customer 00:00:00
Define Terms of Payment 00:00:00
Create Customer Account Master 00:08:00

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