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Hands-on Practical Examples, Lots of Exercises, Practice Files, that will make you master in Google Sheets

Google Sheets becomes very popular spreadsheets program because First, it’s FREE, Secondly, Cloud base simply login your account on any device and start working, above all Flexibility of uses, Getting improved day by day.

So keeping Google Sheets’s importance in mind, you need get familiar with Feature & Function of Google Sheets as quickly as possible.

We bring this Google Spreadsheet course for you to get in depth knowledge of Google’s Free Wonderful Program.

This course will begin from very basic level, once you complete you will be able to do complex calculations, make formats within minutes, create Dynamic MIS Reports, Use Google Forms, Create Dynamic Dashboards & So….

What you Learn?

We tried to cover almost all feature & Functions but majors are listed below: –

  • Pivot Table
  • Import of Data in Google Sheets from Excel
  • Google Forms
  • Formatting Tip & Tricks
  • Date & Time
  • Text
  • Lookups
  • Conditional Sum, Counting
  • Logical Operators
  • New Techniques will be uploaded time to time.

Are there any Course Requirement or Prerequisites?

  • You need a device compatible with Chrome, Such as Computer, Tablet, Mobile but preferable is PC (both Windows or Mac)
  • Internet but you can also work offline. Please install Google Drive & Chrome
  • Most Important Your Desire to Learn

Who should Join this Course?

Anyone can join who wants to upgrade their knowledge and walk with latest technology

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Course Curriculum

Introduction of Google Sheets
1.1 Introduction of Google Sheets FREE 00:07:38
1.2 Insert Delete Hide Unhide Worksheets FREE 00:04:36
1.3 Create First Data Table in Google Sheets FREE 00:05:26
1.4 How to Select Data in Google Sheets 00:04:17
1.5 How to insert delete rows columns in Google Sheets 00:06:52
1.6 Learn Formatting Tricks in Google Sheets 06:19:00
1.7 Copy Paste Techniques in Google Sheets 00:04:27
1.8 How to take Print Out in Google Sheets 00:07:38
1.9 Travel Expenses Report Assignment FREE 00:09:23
1.9 Travel Expenses Report Assignment for Practice 00:00:00
Basic Concept of Formulas
2.1 Basic Understanding of Formula in Google Sheets 00:04:50
2.2 Concept of Absolute Relative References Google Sheets 00:07:15
2.3 Define Custom Name of Cell in Google Sheets 00:05:31
2.4 Define Customs Name of Range in Google Sheets 00:03:10
Text Functions in Google Sheets
3.1 Convert Number in Roman in Google Sheets 00:02:12
3.2 Concatenate Function in Google Sheets 00:05:12
3.3 Text Function with Concatenate in Google Sheets 00:05:29
3.4 Fixed Function in Google Sheets 00:02:24
3.5 Join Function in Google Sheets 00:03:31
3.6 Left Right Mid Len Function in Google Sheets 00:03:48
3.7 Lower Upper Proper Change Case in Google Sheets 00:01:50
3.8 Replace Function in Google Sheets 00:03:40
3.9 Rept Function in Google Sheets 00:02:09
3.10 Split Function in Google Sheets 00:02:08
3.11 Find Search Function in Google Sheets 00:05:15
3.12 Value Function in Google Sheets 00:03:37
3.13 Trim Function 00:02:46
3.14 Exact function in google sheets 00:02:22
3.15 Substitute Function in Google Sheets 00:03:22
3.16 Advance Text Functions in Google Sheets 00:08:07
Play with Date and Time Functions in Google Sheets
4.1 Basic Understanding of Dates in Google Sheets 00:07:39
4.2 EDate and EODate Function in Google Sheets 00:06:39
4.3 Days 360 Function in Google Sheets 00:03:48
4.4 Networkdays.Intl function in Google Sheets 00:07:40
4.5 Workdayintl Function in Google Sheets 00:08:51
4.6 Calculate Age in Google Sheets 00:06:56
4.7 Create TimeSheet in Google Sheets 00:14:25
Logical Function in google Sheets
5.1 Logical Operators in Google Sheets 00:03:30
5.2 If Function in Google Sheets 00:04:07
5.3 Nested If in Google Sheets 00:04:07
5.4 AND Function in Google Sheets 00:04:20
5.5 OR Function in Google Sheets 00:03:28
5.6 IFS function in Google Sheets 00:02:45
6 Lookup Functions
6.1 Address Function in Google Sheets 00:04:04
6.2 Choose Function 00:04:04
6.3 Rows Columns Formula Text Function in Google Sheets 00:04:30
6.4 Lookup Vlookup Hlookup Functions with Five Examples 00:12:30
6.5 Create Dynamic Payslips in Google Sheets using Vlookup 00:03:40
Financial Function in Google Sheets
7.1 Concept of Financial Function MUST Learn 00:04:32
7.2 Present Value of Money 00:04:15
7.3 Present Value of Lum Sum Amount FV 00:02:44
7.4 Present Value of Installment with Lum Sum Amount 00:04:00
7.5 Future Value Function with Three Examples 00:09:27
7.6 PMT Function for Calculate Payments or Installments 00:06:58
7.7 Rate Calculation 00:08:42
7.8 NPER Number of Period Calculation Two Examples 00:05:09
Finance Function - Advance Use
8.1 Deferred Loan Installment Payment Calculation 00:04:18
8.2 Calculate Bond Price on Specified Yield Rate 00:05:56
8.3 Calculate Yield Rate 00:02:58
8.4 NPV Net Present Value in Google Sheets 00:05:09
SumIF Function
9.1 Sum and Sumif Function in Google Sheets 00:08:19
9.2 SumIFS Function in Google Sheets 00:04:29
10 Pivot Table in Google Sheets
10.1 Introduction of Pivot Table 00:07:02
10.2 Pivot Table in Depth 00:09:31
10.3 Sum Average Count CountA Function 00:07:15
10.4 Grouping and Extract Data in Google Sheets 00:03:35
10.5 Calculated Field in Pivot Table 00:04:39
11 Google Forms in Google Sheets
11.1 Introduction of Google Forms 00:02:58
11.2 Google Forms Part 1 00:11:18
11.3 Google Forms Part 2 00:02:04
11.4 Google Forms Part 3 00:06:10

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