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Learn Tally ERP 9 Accounting Software from basic to advance level with real life practical examples
Guide to Implement Goods and Service Tax in Tally covering all Advance topics Cost Center, Job Costing, Taxation, Stock

155+ HD Videos
15 Hours Training
Certificate after completion
Hindi Mix Language

Learn Tally ERP 9 with GST video training complete course

This course is complete guide to understand Accounting and how to use Tally in a perfect manner. Tally is well known business software. It can handle almost all types of business transactions and give perfect reporting for business requirements.

This course gives you complete depth knowledge of all features of Tally. You can easily handle accounting and taxation of any types of business and also prepare MIS Reports. We took real life practical examples of all types of business transactions for better knowledge and understanding of practical real world.

Real world examples helps you to crack interviews, get good job in the market. Business owners should learn Tally so that they can directly see all reports. Working professionals can improve their skill for better opportunity.

After completion, you can also start you own accounting business. You can handling accounting and GST,TDS & Income Tax Returns of Small Business or Shops.

It’s Good opportunity to make your Career in Account & Finance

Major Topics covered

  • Basic Level
    • Basic of Accounting
    • Accounting & Inventory Masters
    • Chart of Accounts (List of Ledger & their use)
    • All Accounting & Inventory Vouchers
    • Bank Reconciliation (Banking)
  • Taxation
    • Goods & Services Tax (GST)
    • Eway Bill
    • TDS, TCS
    • Payroll (ESIC, PF, Gratuity)
  • Advance Level
    • Cost Centre, Cost Category
    • Job Costing
    • Budgets
    • Price List
    • Outstanding Reports (Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable
    • Multi Currency
    • Interest Calculation
    • Purchase, Sales Order Processing
    • Bill of material

About Trainer

Our Trainer Mr. Mahavir Bhardwaj having almost 18+ years of experience in accounts & finance worked with big MNCs. Presently working in a big German MNC Company.

He put all his experience for creating this course and used method  “What business required?”

Every business has different types of operations therefore need of reports are also different. As an Accountant your responsibility is to understand business first and record transactions in Accounting Software accordingly. We will follow the same principal in this course.

He used all different business scenario learned during this period in this course.

What you need?

  • You need a Computer with Windows operating system
  • You can download TallyERP9 Educational Version Software FREE from Tally’s Website
  • Most Important your Desire to LEARN
  • Business Owner who wants to handle accounts

Who Should Join?

  • HR Person for Payroll handling
  • Warehouse Manager for handling inventory
  • Any Person who is interested in Accounts & Finance
  • Fresh Graduates wants to make their career in Accounts & Finance
  • Working Professionals who wants to Improve their skills for better opportunity


Course Curriculum

Basic of Accounts
Basic of Accounting and Its Benefits FREE 00:06:23
Accounting Terms and Definition Part 1 FREE 00:06:00
Accounting Terms and Definition Part 2 FREE 00:07:26
Concept of Debit and Credit FREE 05:56:00
Types of Accounts FREE 00:06:38
Three Golden Rules of Accounting FREE 00:05:32
Examples of Business Transactions Part 1 FREE 00:07:00
Examples of Business Transactions Part 2 FREE 00:07:56
Getting Start with TallyERP9 with GST Release 6
Download Tally Installation FREE 00:01:49
Interface of Tally ERP 9 00:08:56
Open Close Delete Company and Tally Vault Feature FREE 00:03:51
Accounting Master
Accounting Master-Chart of Accounts 00:14:00
Create Accounting Groups FREE 00:04:32
Create Accounting Ledger 00:12:56
Bank Ledger Creation FREE 00:03:35
Create Accounting Groups 00:04:17
Duties Tax Sales Purchase 00:03:37
Basic Inventory 00:07:03
Advance Inventory 00:07:31
Accounting Voucher
Contra Voucher 00:08:21
Receipt Voucher 00:03:45
Payment Voucher 00:03:24
Journal Voucher 00:04:49
Sales Voucher 00:06:45
Sales Invoice Mode 00:07:20
Sales Invoice Printing FREE 00:02:37
Sales Invoice print after save 00:01:35
Purchase Voucher 00:03:35
advance voucher numbering – Part 1 00:07:22
advance voucher numbering – Part 2 00:02:49
Outstanding Report with Post Dated Cheque
Post Dated Vouchers 00:08:58
Billwise Detail 00:06:15
Outstanding Report 00:05:17
Advance Payment Adjustment 00:05:15
Print Outstanding Report 00:03:39
Goods and Services Tax - GST
Learn What is GST? 00:11:44
What is CGST and SGST in Goods and Services Tax 00:05:44
What is IGST? 00:07:44
Steps to Implement GST in Tally 00:04:00
Enable GST in Tally 00:03:15
Update Stock Item with GST Detail 00:05:33
How to Restart Invoice Number for GST? 00:03:19
How to update GSTIN of Supplier in tally? 00:04:19
GST Output 00:00:00
Create Purchase and GST Input Ledgers 00:02:01
Local Sales – CGST and SGST Sales Voucher booking in tally 00:03:56
IGST Sales in Tally 00:01:51
Purchase voucher with GST Details in Tally 00:06:13
How to create new company in Tally with GST Details? 00:04:02
Create New Company in Tally – Part 2 00:15:25
Create New Company in Tally Part-3 00:07:27
Sales of Service with GST in Tally 00:06:48
Reverse Charge Mechnisim (RCM) on Advance Payment in Tally – Part 1 00:06:45
Reverse Charge Mechnisim (RCM) on Advance Payment in Tally – Part 2 00:08:33
Reverse Charge Mechnisim (RCM) on Advance Payment in Tally – Part 3 00:05:35
Reverse Charge on Goods and Transport Agency and others in tally 00:08:47
Create Sales Ledgers 00:03:41
Sales to Consumer B2C Sales Entry in Tally 00:07:15
NIL Exempted Goods Sales in Tally with GST 00:08:43
Sales Return 00:02:38
Purchase Return 00:02:11
Import of Service with GST in tally 00:04:28
Export Sales in Tally with GST 00:02:55
Journal Voucher for GST Adjustment in Tally 00:05:11
Payment Voucher for GST Payable 00:04:35
GST Challan Reconciliation 00:02:43
Transfer of Taxes 00:05:47
Checking and Verfication of GSTR-1 in Tally-Part1 00:11:47
Checking and Verification of GSTR-1 in Tally Part-2 00:08:08
Checking of GSTR-2 in Tally 00:04:33
Prepare GSTR in Tally 00:08:47
How to handle freight and packing charges in sales invoice in GST in tally 00:04:41
Banking in TallyERP9
Alter Banking details 00:02:25
Import Bank Details FREE 00:07:41
Cash and Cheque Deposit Slip 00:04:49
Payment Advice 00:04:13
Bank Reco Part 1 00:03:06
Bank Reco Manual Part 2 00:11:23
Cheque Register 00:02:16
Tax Deducted at Sources (TDS)
Basic of TDS 00:06:44
TDS Rates 00:07:01
Implement of TDS in Tally Accounting master 00:11:34
Basic of TDS 00:06:44
Payment of TDS 00:02:35
Challan Reconciliation 00:02:58
Generate file for eFile TDS Return 00:04:24
Tax Collected at Source (TCS)
TCS 00:24:29
Payroll Implement in TallyERP9
Payroll Introduction 00:02:49
How to Enable Payroll 00:01:10
Payroll Statutory Information 00:01:50
Employee Group Creation 00:04:23
Employee Creation 00:03:47
Payroll Master Creation 00:02:59
Payhead Creation 00:05:29
Payhead deduction 00:00:58
Payroll Masters Employees 00:06:50
Payhead Employers 00:05:36
Payhead Gratuity 00:01:17
Loans and advances 00:01:48
Employers other contribution payheads 00:02:45
Define Salary Structure 00:05:24
Create Payable Ledger 00:02:17
Attendance In Tally 00:06:53
Salary process 00:04:32
PF Admin Exp Process 00:00:58
Salary Payment 00:02:29
PF n ESIC Payment n Challan 00:02:36
Job Costing in TallyERP9
Introduction of Job Costing 00:03:11
Master Creation for Job Costing 00:08:13
Consumption Voucher 00:03:53
Purchase Voucher 00:03:35
Inter Godown Transfer 00:03:25
Expenses Booking 00:05:02
Sales Booking 00:02:14
Cost Centre and Cost Category in TallyERP9
Introduction of Cost Centre 00:05:22
Cost Centre Implement 00:09:32
Cost Category 00:06:23
Sales in Cost Centre 00:02:25
Budget in TallyERP9
Implement of TDS in Tally Accounting master 00:11:34
Advance Features
Voucher Class 00:05:14
purchase order processing 00:08:26
Sales Order Processing 00:04:48
Receipt Note 1 00:04:23
Receipt Note 2 00:03:57
Delivery Note 00:04:13
Interest Calculation Simple Mode 00:09:01
Interest Calculation Advance Mode 00:04:00
Multi Currency 00:10:19
Bill of Material 00:08:16
Inventory Features
Assembly Voucher 00:07:01
Manufacturing Voucher 00:04:32
Export of Data in Different Format
Export the Data in Excel n PDF 00:06:38
Price List
Price List in Tally FREE 00:09:00
Price List Display in Tally 00:02:00
Price List Revision 00:05:00
Maintain Personal Accounts
Prepare Personal Balance Sheet 00:06:11
Prepare Personal Profit & Loss Ac 00:06:03
Prepare Personal Ac Part-1 00:06:23
Prepare Personal Ac Part-2 00:15:36
Maintain Mutual Fund in Tally Part-1 00:09:07
Maintain Mutual Fund in Tally Part-2 00:09:59
File Income Tax Return for Individual
How to register with TRACES (26AS) for TDS 00:11:35
How to Calculate Income Tax FREE 00:07:10
How to file E-file of Income Tax Return 00:15:00

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    this course is not for beginners.Because some topic length is very short such as 7 min only and not explain in detail.for beginners very hard to understand.please do not purchase this course.i am facing probleme for understand this course.waste of 500 rs.

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