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फोटोशॉप ग्राफ़िक डिज़ाइन Online कोर्स
This adobe photoshop essentials course will teach you photoshop retouching as well as photoshop for graphic design.

Duration : 5 Hours
Language : Hindi
No of Videos : 48
Lifetime Access

इस कोर्स को करने के बाद आप फोटोशॉप में ग्राफ़िक डिज़ाइन का काम आसानी से कर सकते हैं इस कोर्स में आपको मिलेगे 48 ऑनलाइन वीडियो जो को 5 घंटे की अवधि की है जिसे आप कंप्यूटर मोबाइल लैपटॉप टेबलेट से कभी भी अपने टाइम के अनुसार देख सकते हैं. इसमें कोई समय सीमा नहीं है. आप एक वीडियो को अनगिनत बार रिपीट करके देख सकते हैं. इसमें सिंपल हिंदी भाषा का प्रयोग किया गया है जिससे टॉपिक को आसानी से समझा जा सके. कोर्स करते समय अगर कोई कठिनाई होगी तो आप कमेंट करके अपना प्रश्न पूछ सकते हैं. कोर्स की अधिक जानकारी के लिए +918053074185  पर संपर्क करें.

About Photoshop Course ?

Learn Photoshop from basic to advance level. This course will start from Basic of Photoshop, after completion you will be able to work in photoshop confidently just like a Professional Graphic Designer. You can create complex graphics, photo editing, website banner design, animation and much more.

It’s a Professional Photoshop tutorial advance training specially designed for everyone who wants to make their career in graphic designing. This Adobe Photoshop Tutorial make you Master in Photoshop without any previous knowledge with this easy-to-follow course. Learn the essential tool of Adobe Photoshop and Design Beautiful Graphics and Photos in photoshop. This adobe photoshop essentials course will teach you photoshop retouching as well as photoshop for graphic design. This course is like Photoshop classes near me.

Our promise to help you

If during the course you have any question or query related to content or about this course, you can always put comment here or send email directly to us or trainer.

What you Learn?

  • Learn navigating Photoshop, interface, creating new projects, saving it for any purpose
  • Learn the Essential tools for editing and manipulating images
  • How to edit photos with variety of tools
  • How to use blending modes, layer styles, layer grouping, layer merging
  • How to save your Photoshop projects for print and web
  • How to use the layers panel including creating and editing layer masks
  • How to select and edit just parts of your image with a number of selection tools.
  • How to use the shape tool and pen tool to design custom shapes
  • How to add and edit text to your graphics

Benefits of online course

  • Learn at your pace
  • Learn at your convenience
  • Learn on Computer, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet.

Who should Join this Course?

  • This course is for fresher who wants to make career in Photoshop or become professional Graphic Designer
  • If you are an experienced graphic designer who want to improve photoshop skills, this course is for you

Are there any Course Requirement or Prerequisites?

  • You need computer with installed any version of latest photoshop CS6, Photoshop CC, Photoshop 2019
  • No prior knowledge of Designing is required. We will teach from scratch.

Course Curriculum

Introduction and Basic of Photoshop CS6
Introduction of Photoshop FREE 00:02:12
Key Board Shortcuts 00:04:27
Text Tool FREE 00:08:06
Add Image and Free Transform Tool 00:03:15
Auto Select Check Box 00:01:37
Learn about Layers in Photoshop CS6
Understanding Layers 00:05:50
Layer Aglinment FREE 00:05:05
Image Size Vs Canvas Size 00:04:45
Flip Image 00:03:57
Transform Tool Modifier 00:02:47
Grouping Layers 00:02:41
Linking the Layers 00:03:20
Merge the Layers 00:04:24
Split the Images 00:03:59
Color Filling 00:07:14
Selection Tool in Photoshop CS6
Magic Wand Tool 00:05:24
Magic Wand Tool – Advance 00:05:00
Lasso Tool 00:03:47
Magentic Tool for Selection FREE 00:06:01
Quick Selection Tool 00:01:09
Twist with Quick Selection Tool 00:04:17
Change the background 00:02:27
Color Correction in Photoshop CS6
Color Correction 00:04:30
Curve Color Correction – Advance 00:12:41
Curve Tool 00:03:06
Hue & Saturation FREE 00:04:54
Masking – Basic 00:09:33
Refine Edges 00:05:33
Masking Example Play Video 00:00:43
Black & White 00:03:17
Image Corrections
Clone Tool 00:07:26
Remove Distrot Area 00:04:00
Spot Healing Brush 00:09:04
Face Retouch FREE 00:07:21
Resize of Body Parts 00:05:09
Make smooth skin 00:02:44
Learn to create Shadow
Casting Shadow 00:06:24
Create banner for Websites
Create Banner for Websites 00:23:01
All about Text
Text & Paragraph Tools 00:06:52
Wrap Text 00:03:22
Typing on Shapes 00:01:51
Clip Masking 00:03:26
Gold Effect in Text FREE 00:05:19
Outer Line Effect in Text 00:04:30
Leather Effect 00:04:15
Text Animation 00:11:46
Brush Tool
Brush Tools Basic -Photoshop 00:07:49
Brush Tools Advance Features Play Video 00:05:13

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  1. This course is so nice, clear, and informative.


    This course is so nice, clear, and informative. I advise u all to join.

  2. Needs to update course other wise good


    Course contents are good for a beginner level. If you want to learn from absolutely zero. but some advance topics are missing. you must include some more advance topics. overall good.

  3. best online classes in hindi


    this is one off the best online classes in hindi
    I highly recommend it to all, who want to learn from a master
    thanks a lot

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