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Unigraphics NX (also known as Siemens nx) is an advanced High-end CAD/CAM/CAE software package originally developed by UGS Corporation, But since 2007 it is owned by Siemens PLM Software.

Lectures: 113
Video: 10.5 hours
Skill level: All Levels
Languages: English
Lifetime Access
Certificate on Completion

Unigraphics NX (also known as Siemens nx) is an advanced High-end CAD/CAM/CAE software package originally developed by UGS Corporation, But since 2007 it is owned by Siemens PLM Software.

It is used, among other tasks, for

Design (parametric and direct solid/surface modelling)

Engineering analysis (static, dynamic, electro-magnetic, thermal, using the Finite Element Method, and fluid using the finite volume method).

Manufacturing finished design by using included machining modules.

You will be will able to design 2D & 3D modelling, Drafting, Mechanical Designs. Whether you a fresher or already doing job in this field and want to gain knowledge in computer design. This course is for you.

What are the requirements?

  • You need basic knowledge of computer operating only

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Creating 2D & 3D Modeling in Unigraphics
  • Design Structures
  • You will be able to Assembling, Drafting

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone can learn who is interested to create modeling 2D/3D in Unigraphics can join

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Unigraphicx NX
Versions of Unigraphics NX-UGNX9 FREE 00:01:10
How to Install UG-UGNX9 FREE 00:04:02
How to Access Project Files-UGNX9 00:02:33
User Interface FREE 00:06:21
Import and Export Files-UGNX9 00:05:37
Pan and Zoom Feature-UGNX9 00:04:25
Application Status Bar-UGNX9 00:05:03
2D Sktech Modeling
Line-UGNX9 00:10:43
Rectangle-UGNX9 00:06:59
Arc and Circle-UGNX9 00:08:49
Polygon and Ecllips-UGNX9 00:06:30
Trim and Extend-UGNX9 00:08:00
Fillet and Chamfer-UGNX9 00:09:01
Text-UGNX9 00:06:52
Curves Edit-UGNX9 00:11:06
Dimensions-UGNX9 00:08:05
Constraintants-UGNX9 00:10:53
Curve Pattern-UGNX9 00:06:26
3D Solid Modeling
Extrude 1-UGNX9 00:09:12
Extrude 2-UGNX9 FREE 00:06:29
Revolve-UGNX9 00:07:46
Datum Features-UGNX9 00:09:09
Sweep-UGNX9 00:11:02
Sweptv 00:08:38
Edge Blend and Chamfer-UGNX9 00:06:15
Hole-UGNX9 00:07:47
Draft-UGNX9 00:08:31
Ribs-UGNX9 00:07:59
Pattern 1-UGNX9 00:09:28
Pattern 2-UGNX9 00:09:17
Advance 3D Modeling
Part Navigator-UGNX9 00:06:15
Move and Copy-UGNX9 00:04:43
Mirror Features-UGNX9 00:05:07
Helix and Thread-UGNX9 00:07:21
Design Feature-UGNX9 00:04:03
Pockets-UGNX9 00:06:51
Pads-UGNX9 00:03:16
Emboss-UGNX9 00:05:28
Slots-UGNX9 00:05:23
Grooves-UGNX9 00:04:05
Draft-UGNX9 00:08:31
Project-UGNX9 00:04:34
Color and Material-UGNX9 00:06:35
Practice Models
Model 1-UGNX9 00:14:27
Model 2-UGNX9 00:15:08
Model 3-UGNX9 00:15:41
Model 4-UGNX9 00:12:24
Model 5-UGNX9 00:11:29
Model 6-UGNX9 00:15:20
Model 7-UGNX9 00:10:09
Model 8-UGNX9 00:09:25
Surface Modeling
Surface through Curves-UGNX9 00:09:36
Mesh Surface-UGNX9 00:06:59
Sided Surface-UGNX9 00:06:44
Bounded Surface 1-UGNX9 00:04:37
Bounded Surface 2-UGNX9 00:04:48
Trim and Extended-UGNX9 00:06:19
Trimmed Sheet-UGNX9 00:03:42
Advance surface Modeling
Thicken and Shell-UGNX9 00:05:01
Offset Surface-UGNX9 00:05:17
Convert to Solid-UGNX9 00:02:35
Face Edit-UGNX9 00:05:58
Split Faces-UGNX9 00:04:48
Low Extensions-UGNX9 00:07:00
Silhoutte Flange-UGNX9 00:04:34
Model 1-UGNX9 00:14:27
Model 2-UGNX9 00:15:08
Introduction to Assembly-UGNX9 00:06:36
Touch and Align Constraints-UGNX9 00:07:31
Concentric Constraints-UGNX9 00:05:43
Parallel Constraints-UGNX9 00:04:53
Perpendicular Constraints-UGNX9 00:05:54
Angle Constraints-UGNX9 00:02:47
Distance and Center-UGNX9 00:04:11
Piston Head Assembly-UGNX9 00:10:05
Drawing and Drafting
Model View 1-UGNX9 00:06:27
Sectional Views-UGNX9 00:05:19
Sectioning-UGNX9 00:06:44
Detailed Views-UGNX9 00:03:08
Dimension-UGNX9 00:07:02
Adding Notes and Symbols-UGNX9 00:07:48
Bill of Material-UGNX9 00:04:42
Sheet Metal
Introduction to Sheet Metal-UGNX9 00:03:37
Flanges 1-UGNX9 00:06:10
flanges 2-UGNX9 00:09:06
Bend and Jogs-UGNX9 00:04:47
Corners-UGNX9 00:06:33
Cutout Unbend and Rebend-UGNX9 00:05:23
Dimple and Louvers-UGNX9 00:06:19
Cutout and Beads-UGNX9 00:05:14

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