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130 Video Tutorials
18 Hours of Training covering all features
Examples of different industries such as Trading, Manufacturing, Services
Notes Assignment in PDF for practice

Learn Tally ERP9 Complete Advance Course in Hindi

Tally is a complete business solution includes Accounting, Inventory, Payroll, Statutory Compliances, Cost Centers, Project Costing and many other tools to run a business. It is very user friendly software, very easy to learn & implement.

Who can learn Tally.ERP9: –

  • Commerce Student/Graduate (B.Com, CA, MBA Finance) who is looking job in Accounts / Finance
  • Non-Commerce Student/Graduate (B.Sc, MBA(HR, Sales & Marketing) who is looking job in HR, Sales & Marketing
  • Store Keeper/Graduate who is looking job in Inventory Management/Store
  • Shopkeeper, Businessman or any person who wants to maintain Accounts himself

Topics covered in the Tally ERP Training DVD

  • Basic of Accounts such as definition of accounting terms, double entry system, all types of business transactions etc
  • Introduction of TallyERP9
  • How to Install TallyERP9
  • Accounting Masters (Chart of Accounts) Ledgers, Groups
  • Inventory Masters Stock Item, Stock Groups, Stock Category, Uit of Measure, Advance Unit of Measure, Godown
  • Accounting Vouchers Contra, Receipt, Payment, Sales, Purchase, Journal, Advance Use of Voucher such as Customized Number
  • Inventory Vouchers Delivery Note, Receipt note, Stock Transfer Voucher, Material In & Out, Material Rejection in & out
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Payroll Master attendance type, pay heads, employees, employees category, employees group
  • Payroll Statutory implement Such as ESIC, PF, Gratuity, TDS on Salary, Generate Form 16 automatically
  • Payroll Vouchers attendance, salary processing, payment of ESIC, PF and automatically challan creation from Tally
  • Salary Register, Attendance Register, Leave management etc
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) Implement, CST, E-1 Sale (Sale in Transit), Statutory Forms Tracking suchas Form C, H, F etc
  • Service Tax Implement, Masters, Vouchers, Taking Input Creadit, Implement Reverse Charge of Service Tax, Return, Challan Generation
  • TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) Implement, Masters, Vouchers with TDS, Automatically Calculation of TDS, Return preparation
  • Excise Implement masters, sale purhcase with excise, all registers for Excise
  • Cost Center / Cost Category Implement
  • Job / Project Costing
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Billwise Outstanding Report
  • Interest Calculation
  • Maintain Budgets & Implement
  • Batch / Expiry / Mfg date implement for FMCG / Medicine
  • Price Level for Different types of Customers with discount system

Additional Features

  • Learn how to manage your personal accounts in Tally such as Mutual Funds / Investments
  • How to manage Accounts of School / Educational Institutes with Fees & Student Details

Course Curriculum

Basic of Accounting
Basic of Accounting – Part 1 FREE 00:22:00
Basic of Accounting – Part 2 00:14:13
Introduction & Basic Knowledge
Download & Install Educational Version TallyERP9 FREE 00:04:00
Create New Company in Tally 00:10:39
Open Default Company in Tally 00:01:45
Accounting Master
Chart of Accounts 00:19:47
Create Accounting Master 00:18:40
Inventory Master
Inventory Masters 00:25:19
Unit of Measure 00:06:15
Create Godown FREE 00:06:04
Accounting Voucher
Contra Voucher in Tally 00:08:01
Receipt Voucher in Tally FREE 00:13:40
Payment Voucher in Tally FREE 00:09:00
Journal Voucher in Tally 00:06:11
Sales Voucher Entry as Voucher in Tally 00:04:03
Sales Voucher As Item Invoice (Advance) 00:10:16
Sales Voucher Print Invoice 00:04:08
Sales Voucher Print Invoice after Saving Voucher 00:01:31
Purchase Voucher 00:11:44
Advance Voucher Numbering FREE 00:24:00
Bank Reconciliation
Bank Reconciliation FREE 00:10:39
VAT & CST (Sales Tax)
VAT – Basic Knowledge FREE 00:15:28
VAT – Master Creation 00:18:32
VAT – Voucher Entries & Calculation in Tally 00:23:00
VAT Sale & Purchase with Different Rate of Tax in tally 00:04:49
VAT Voucher Class for VAT Adjustment in Tally 00:04:39
VAT Additional VAT with Voucher Class in Tally 00:10:21
CST Basic Knowledge and Understanding 02:20:30
CST Implement in Tally 00:27:12
CST Sale in Transit E1 Sale implement FREE 00:18:29
Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)
TDS Basic Knowledge 00:05:26
Know about PAN 00:05:21
TDS Rates 00:10:02
TDS Implement – Part 1 00:09:00
TDS Implement – Part 2 03:52:00
Implement Non TDS on Service Tax 00:16:37
TDS on Salary Sec-92B Part-1 00:13:57
TDS on Salary Sec-92B Part-2 FREE Unlimited
Service Tax
Service Tax – Basic Knowledge 00:14:00
Service Tax Notes 00:00:00
Create Service Tax Masters in Tally 00:10:19
Purchase Entry of Service Tax With Common Ledger in Tally 00:05:10
Purchase Entry In Service Tax With Seperate Ledger 00:03:30
Opening Balance Of PY Of Service Tax 00:08:33
Service Tax Input Credit Reverse In Tally 00:07:18
Multiple Service In Single Voucher in Tally 00:02:46
Service Tax Input Credit On Indirect Expenses 00:03:22
Service Tax Input Credit On Cash Purchase 00:04:24
Goods Transport Agency in Tally Part-1 00:03:56
Goods Transport Agency in Tally Part-2 00:10:07
Professional Service Receipt Cum Challan 00:04:51
Service Tax Exp Paid By Cash Or Bank 00:05:07
Service Tax With Stock Item 00:04:01
Service Tax Advances 00:05:47
Exempted Sale Of Service 00:03:47
Export Sale Of Service 00:03:09
Import Of Service 00:07:41
Service Tax With TDS 00:08:10
Service Tax Payment Challan GAR-7 00:07:24
Service Tax Interst Penalty Arrear Payment Challan GAR-7 00:04:37
Service Tax – Rent A Cab 00:10:51
Cost Center & Cost Category
Cost Center 00:14:10
Cost Category in tally 00:14:39
Cost Category Purchase 00:10:48
Cost Category in Sales 00:16:43
Cost Category in Journal Payment Receipt Voucher 00:07:00
P&L Filter by Cost Center 00:03:12
Voucher Class
Voucher Class Emplementation 00:10:18
Outstanding Report
Outstanding Report 00:16:40
Purchase Order Processing
Purchase Order Processing Part-1 00:09:42
Purchase Order Processing Part-2 00:05:03
Sales Order Processing
Sales Order Processing Part-1 00:07:54
Manufacturing Voucher
Manufacturing Voucher for Assembling 00:04:24
Manufacturing Voucher for Manufacturing Industry 00:03:27
Bill of Material
Bill of Material 00:08:16
Budget Implement in Tally
Budget Implement Part-1 00:13:11
Budget Implement Part-2 00:05:07
Payroll Implement in Tally
Payroll Implement Part-1 00:10:50
Payroll Implement Part-2 00:11:19
Provident Fund Implement 00:10:29
ESIC Implement 00:04:52
Gratuity Implement 00:04:21
Define Salary Structure 00:04:30
Attendance In Tally 00:06:53
Salary, PF, ESIC Payable Pay Head 00:01:54
Salary Process Part-1 00:04:37
Salary Process Part-2 00:05:26
Salary, PF, ESIC Payment Advice 00:04:01
Pay Slip Report 00:05:09
Job Costing Implement in Tally
Job Costing Introduction 00:08:31
Purchase in Job Costing 00:04:24
Sales in Job Costing 00:06:00
Expenses in Job Costing 00:04:00
Consumption and Material Transfer 00:05:00
Price list in Tally
Price List in Tally FREE 00:09:00
Price List Display in Tally 00:02:00
Price List Revision 00:05:00
Implement Central Excise in Tally
Excise Basic 00:09:41
Enable Excise Option in Tally 00:09:41
Create Excise Accounting Masters 00:20:00
Create Excise Inventory Masters 00:08:20
Excise Voucher 00:04:09
Excise Cenvat Ledger in Tally 00:02:39
Excise Purchase 00:04:43
Excise 00:13:24
Excise Stock Transfer 00:04:57
Excise Sales Voucher 00:06:39
Excise Adjustment 00:03:00
Excise Payment Voucher Gar 7 Challan 00:03:40
Cenvat Credit Opening Balance 00:05:35
Purchase Order Processing with Excise 00:08:46
Cenvat Credit on Capital Goods 00:03:06
Batch Implement in Tally
Batch Implement Part-1 00:09:02
Batch Implement Part-2 00:03:01
How to Maintain Personal Accounts in Tally
Prepare Personal Balance Sheet 00:06:11
Prepare Personal Profit & Loss Ac 00:06:03
Prepare Personal Ac Part-1 00:06:23
Prepare Personal Ac Part-2 00:15:36
Maintain Mutual Fund in Tally Part-1 00:09:07
Maintain Mutual Fund in Tally Part-2 00:09:59
Additional Option in Tally
Confirmation Of Accounts 00:03:42
Tracking Additional Cost of Purchase 00:03:35
Accounting of Free Samples 00:04:57
Actual and Billed Quantity 00:05:35
Manage Prepaid Accounts 00:05:33
Handle Accounts of Institute School 00:03:03
Outstanding Expenses 00:07:51
Handle Imprest Accounts 00:03:26
Handle Sales and Purchase Return using Debit and Credit Note
Sales Return with Credit Note 00:02:54
Purchase Return with Debit Note 00:02:38
How to Maintain Multicurrency
Multi Currency 00:10:19
Data or Reports Export in Excel or PDF Files
Data Reports Export to Excel 00:05:29
Data Reports Export to PDF 00:03:33
Material Rejection In or Out
Material Rejection In 00:05:08
Material Rejection Out 00:08:58

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  1. Very good course for accounting and tally


    This is a really nice course and everyone interested to tally should take it.

  2. absolutely fantastic course


    you can’t get better than this course. thanks mr. mahavir creating such a wonderful course online. thank you very much

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