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how to remove background noise from video

How to remove background noise in Video

How to remove background noise from videos using Audacity and Camtasia

If you are youtuber or online training instructor or recording videos for some other purposes and getting background noise during the recording. you definitely want to get rid of background noise. I will explain how to remove background noise from the video and also explain what are the software and hardware required to getting clean voice while recording.

Step 1:

Before start recording go to recording device properties by right click on the speaker icon > select Recording Device > you will get below screen


Select the MIC and click on the properties tab > you will get below screen

Go to Listen Tab and select listen option and click ok. Now you can hear the MIC sound in the speakers or headphone connected. Go the Level tab now adjust the level and microphone boost and reduce the background noise as low as possible.

Finally go the Listen tab once again and untick (off) listen option and click OK

What are the software required to reduce background noise?

We can use any good recording software but I am using Audacity to record and cleaning the Audio and we are using Camtasia for recording desktop and editing the video.

  1. Audacity for audio

  2. Camtasia for Video editing

We have two options for audio recording

  1. We  can record the audio and video in Camtasia > extract the audio from Camtasia > clean the background noise in Audacity > incorporate audio in Camtasia > Sync with Video
  2. We can record the audio in Audacity and video in Camtasia > incorporate the audio in Camtasia > Sync with Video

in the below video we have explained all steps and technic required for remove background noise in video



August 23, 2018
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