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Learn about Interface of Gateway of Tally

Learn about Interface of Gateway of Tally

You can get some basic knowledge of Gateway of Tally Interface


1. Information BarYou will get basic information about Tally Version, Stat File Version and your subscription Id and validity as well. Right side of this bar is Calculator Bar. Press Ctrl + N for use the Calculator
2. Right Side Button BarYou will find all button for voucher entry, configuration buttons etc.
3. Top Button BarYou will find button for Print, Export, E-mail, Upload, Shop, Language, Keyboard, Control Panel, Support Center, Help etc. I will explain all the button in the later chapters
4. Date of last Entry tYou can see the date of last voucher entry
5. Name of the CompanyYou can see the company(s) name here. If you have open more than one company, selected company will be top and in bold form.
6. Current PeriodYou can see the Current Working Period here. You can change this period by press Alt + F2 and enter the date range in the from & to field
7. Current DateAs its name suggest, you can see the Present Date (Today's Date)
8. Main AreaIts very import place in the tally because you can reach all voucher entries and reports from here
December 31, 2015

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