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learn vlookup function excel

Vlookup function in excel is stand for vertical lookup.

It is used to look up value from another table using unique value. E.g. we have two tables


Now our task is to enter employee’s name in the Employee’s Salary Table. We can use Vlookup Function to complete this task with ease.

The syntax for the VLOOKUP function is given below


lookup_value: The value to be looked up

table_array: The range that contains the lookup table from which data to be retrieve

col_index_num: The column number within the table from which the matching value is returned

range_lookup: Optional. If TRUE or omitted, an approximate match is returned. (If an exact match is not found, the next largest value that is less than lookup_value is returned.) If FALSE, VLOOKUP will search for an exact match. If VLOOKUP can’t find an exact match, the function returns #N/A.

Now enter the following formula in the first name field for Employee Code 1001

=VLOOKUP([@[Employee Code]],Table1[#All],2,0)

Please note [@Employee Code]] Unique value based on lookup to be done.

Table1[#All] is table (we are using table format type in excel, search google if you are new to it)

2 is the column no for first name

0 is used to exact value should be return

August 24, 2018
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