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Excel 2010 Basic to Advance Video Training in Hindi

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You either a new learner or having basic knowledge of Excel and want to become “Master in Excel”

You are on the right place as we designed this DVD Course to learn Excel from BASIC to ADVANCE at your “HOME” in your own Hindi Language.

In Today’s Competitive world Excel is such a tool to help to make your work very easy no matter in which profession you are. You should be master in Excel.

We will start the course with Basic Understanding of New Interface of Excel 2010 covering all tools of Excel and finish with Advance formulas such as Vlookup, Macros etc.

Exercise Files

You will get all excel files used to make this Course in which you will find definitions, formula and many other things which help you to spend less time to type the formulas and examples.

List of Lesson and topics covered in the DVD

  1. Introduction of Excel 2010

    • Introduction & Understanding of Interface of Excel 2010
    • How to Move in Cells – Tips & Tricks
    • Autofill of Data in Cells
    • Customs Format of Different Numbers
  2. Text Formulas in Excel

    • Determine whether Cell Contains Text
    • How to Insert Special Symbol in Cells
    • Determine whether two Strings are identical
    • How to join two or more text
    • Display formatted values as Text
    • Remove Extra Space from Text Lines
    • Counting Characters in String
    • Padding a Number
    • Change the Case of Text (UPPER, lower, Proper)
    • Extracting Character from String
    • Remove Trailing Minus Sign
    • Expressing a number as Ordinal
    • Extracting the First word from String
    • Extracting word Except First word
  3. Date Formulas in Excel

    • Understanding the Dates in Excel
    • Autofil Dates in Cells – Tips & Tricks
    • Convert Non-Date String to Date Format
    • Calculate number of days between two dates
    • Calculate number of workings days between two dates
    • Calculate number of networking days
    • Date Value formula
    • Network Days formula
    • Working Days between two days – Tips & Tricks Advance
    • Offsetting a Date using only work days – Tips & Tricks Advance
    • Calculate number of years between two dates
    • Calculate remaining days in a year
    • Determine Weekday
    • Calculate last day of the month
  4. Time Formulas in Excel

    • Display Current Time
    • How to sum of Hours
    • Calculate number of hours worked returns Error if the Shift Spans midnight
    • Converting decimal hours, minutes, or seconds to a Time
    • Rounding the Time Values
  5. Count Formulas in Excel

    • Basic understanding of Count formula
    • Count the values using And Criteria : Countif Formula – Tips & Tricks Advance
    • Counting most frequently occurring entry : Mode formula – Tips & Tricks Advance
    • Counting the occurrences of specific Text
    • More Examples of Countif Formula – Tips & Tricks Advance
  6. Sum, Sumif and Sumiffs Formula in Excel

    • Use of Sum formula : Basic to Advance
    • Conditional Sum using single Criteria : Sumif Formula – Tips & Tricks Advance
    • Conditional Sum using multiple Criteria : sumifs – Tips & Tricks Advance
  7. Lookup formulas in Excel

    • Understand Vlookup Formula
    • Understand Hlookup Formula
    • Vlookup Formula – Tips & Tricks Advance
    • Use Vlookup with iferror formula – Tips & Tricks Advance
    • Vlookup Example 1
    • Vlookup Example 2
    • Vlookup Example 3
  8. Tables in Excel

    • Introduction of Tables in Excel
    • Filling the Gap in Table
    • Use of filter in Table – Tips & Tricks Advance
    • Learn All Database Functions used in Table
    • Learn SubTotal Function in Table
  9. Financial Formula in Excel

    • Present Value of Money
    • Present Value of Lum Sum Money
    • Present Value of an Annuity with Lum Sum Money
    • Future Value of Money
    • PMT Function
    • Calculating Rates
    • Calculating Periods
    • Calculate Deferred Payments
    • Pricing a Bond – Tips & Tricks Advance
    • NPV Function
    • NPV Function Advance – Tips & Tricks Advance
    • Calculate Internal Rate of Return – Tips & Tricks Advance
    • Calculate Depreciation – Tips & Tricks Advance
  10. Logical Formulas in Excel

    • Use of “AND” Function
    • Use of “OR” Function
    • Use of “IFERROR” Function
    • Use of “NOT” Function
    • Use of “IF” Function
  11. Macro in Excel 2010

    • Understanding of Macro
    • Record of Macro
    • Attach a Macro with Button – Tips & Tricks Advance
  12. Security in Excel

    • Protect Excel Sheet / Work book with Password
    • Protect Particular Cell in Excel
  13. Pivot Table in Excel

    • Understanding of Pivot Table in Excel 2010
    • Create Pivot Table & Filter with Column
    • Use of Conditional Formatting with Pivot Table in Excel
    • Advance use Pivot Table in Excel 2010 – Tips & Tricks Advance
  14. Data Validation in Excel

    • Learn Data Validation in Excel 2010
    • List Feature in Excel 2010
  15. Page Setup with Header Footer in Excel

    • How to Setup Page in Excel 2010
    • Understanding & Create Header / Footer in Excel
    • Page Setup to Take Print outs in Excel
  16. Extra & Advance use of Excel

    • How to Convert Numbers into Words
    • Statutory Compliance Sheet
    • Re-Statement of Accounts

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