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Siemens NX 12 Unigraphics Online Course

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About this Course

This course designed in such a way that you will learn about all important tools and commands of the software. This is a streamlined course to take you from knowing nothing about NX to give you all the knowledge and skills needed to become a Certified Siemens NX designer. This course should enable you to, with confidence, use NX to design your next innovation.

After this course, you can proudly list your NX skills in your resume.

The main Content of this course is as following

  • 2D Sketches
  • Sketch Editing Tools
  • SKetch Practice
  • 3D design basics
  • 3D advance tools
  • 3D feature based tools
  • models for practice
  • surface modeling basics
  • Advance Surface Modeling
  • synchronous modeling
  • Drafting and Drawing
  • Assembly
  • Sheet metal

What you LEARN from this course?

  • Knowing the complete details of 2-D sketch modeling tools such as lines,circles, rectangle etc
  • Learn how to create and design 3-D models and shapes using various commands like extrude,sweep,swept,revolve and many more
  • Learn to create complex shapes using surface modeling feature .
  • Create assembly , drawings and projections of parts and components.
  • Sheetmetal modeling
  • Learn about parametric based approach to design your models.
  • Confidently list your NX skills in your resume
  • Synchronous Modeling

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • You need basic knowledge of computer operating only
  • Siemens NX Unigraphics Software version 9.0 or higher

Who can Join this Course?

  • Anyone who wants to learn any computer aided designing.
  • Individual who wants to learn the NX/Unigraphics software.
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Aerospace engineers
  • Working professionals who wants to enhance their skills on CAD software.
  • Individuals wanting to get a better job via NX design skills
  • Individuals wanting to list Unigraphic skills in their resume


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